Message from Vice - Chancellor

Prof. (Dr.) H.A.Pandya
Prof. (Dr.) H.A.Pandya
Vice-Chancellor , Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Season’s Greetings  !

Every past year leaves certain memories with lifelong lesson and experiences. New Year brings new opportunities and challenges in the life. It is the time to explore the novel approaches which can give new heights to your future. Your remarkable contribution will be real service to the society and nation.India is considered as a country of youth and youth can do wonders.Be sure about your vision, mission in life and determine your own rules for staying positive and joyous.

Let us remember the quote of Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee; “Whatever work you undertake, do it seriously, thoroughly and well; never leave it half-done or undone, never feel yourself satisfied unless and until you have given it your very best. Cultivate the habits of discipline and toleration.”

Gujarat University has always been committed to materialize your dreams in a best possible way. Our great University has completed journey of about 69 glorious years by imparting education in the faculty of Arts, Commerce, Education, Dental, Medical, Law and Science etc. The learning at our university is not confined to academics. Enormous importance is given to cultural, sports, research, extension, innovation activities and social services. We have learned from the experiences that hard work and progressive idealism teaches us that don’t wait for the opportunity, create it. One must take calculative risks in their life. If you win, you can lead. If you lose, you can guide. 

Gujarat University is well prepared in all spheres to meet all sorts of requisites of the students and stakeholders.

May the almighty shower all the blessings on Gujarat University and it always remains a part of your ever increasing horizons of knowledge and wisdom.  

   Jay Hind.