Dr. Kamayani Mathur (Director - School of Psychology, Philosophy & Education)

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Department of Psychology


  • Vision

    The Department of Psychology aspires to be a nationally recognized centre in education through its dedicated and innovative services to prepare proficient psychologists who would transcend in knowledge as well as practice of principles of psychology, with high ethical standards and social relevance, to make significant contributions to the society.

  • Mision

    The mission of the Department of Psychology is to serve the individuals and the community at large by addressing their mental health issues specifically working towards prevention. It aims at providing excellent teaching along with exposure of the practical knowledge to the students and to engage and train them in psychological research of high quality. Through the programs, students will develop knowledge and skills that will enable them to function as clinical psychologists, school psychologists, counsellors, rehabilitators, researchers and academicians. Psychology enables them to become better human beings with a good value system.

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