B.K. School of Business Management


  • Vision

    To make the School one amongst the top teaching and research-based Business Schools in the country.To provide an innovative learning environment that inspires the students to think creatively, anticipate and adopt change and develop strategies and competencies for survival and growth in a competitive and technology-driven global economy.To promote thought and action leadership and real world application having a local and global perspective.To improve our work processes by integration of technology and industry.

  • Mision

    To prepare the students to meet the challenges of a diverse and dynamic, unstructured and uncertain business environment.To inculcate problem solving ability in our students to face future challenges.To review continuously and improve our academic and research inputs and provide a caring learning environment.\r\nTo develop critical thinking, analytical, communication and interpersonal skills; and provide experiential learning that enhances the ability to work independently as well as in leadership roles and as team members.To actively engage the students in the educational process by emphasizing hands on learning process, enhanced by learning by doing.

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