Dr. Bhavesh H. Bharad

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Department of Human Rights and Duties


  • Vision

    To create Human Rights champion to protect and preserve human values and Human Rights across the society.

    Through this post-graduation programme in Human Rights and duties, everyone knows about Human Rights concepts, use and implementation in their life and prepare Knowledgeable person in the Society and to achieve excellence in legislative matters for the protection of Human Rights.

    Enriching Law Department where thought and inspire an act of community that is intense about achieving justice and equitable world.

  • Mision

    The fundamental mission of the Department of Human Rights and Duties is to create awareness and disseminate knowledge of Human Rights and Duties and power structures in shaping an individual’s life in all its spheres in the field of law as well as society.

    To lead the best professional grooming of our students in world-class, innovative, career-oriented advanced studies and research in the field of Human Rights and Duties.

    Department of Human Rights and Duties mission is to create understanding among students that Human rights can easily become vulnerable to abuse of various structures and processes of power with practical training and communication skills focus in addition to quality professional education, in order to ensure students a secure, successful career in a variety of general, legal and Law related opportunities.

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