Dr. Kapil Kumar

Associate Professor

Ph.D.,M.Sc Forensic Science,UGC-NET for Lectureship

Specialization Forensic Science
Area of Research/Interest Forensic Science, Questioned Document & Fingerprint, Forensic Psychology
Teaching Experience 13 years
Total Research 10
Website / Blog



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  • A New Non-Destructive Method for Retrieval of Completely Removed Printed Text on Thermal Papers
  • Dr. Kapil Kumar
  • International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation
  • July 2020  |  6 (3)
  • Hyperspectral imaging as a tool for discrimination amid forensic falsification in documents
  • Dr. Kapil Kumar
  • The Indian Police Journal
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  • Determination of relative age of inkjet and laser printouts by CIE L*a*b* color space
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  • International journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research
  • July 2017  |  2 (31)
  • An overview on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act,1985
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  • Journal of Forensic Sciences and Criminal investigation
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  • A Novel and Innovative Technique to Decipher Indented Writings by Means of Ferromagnetic Powder and Image Enhancement Tools
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  • Hyper Spectral Imaging for Discrimination of inkjet and Laser printers for forensic document examination
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  • New approach in preservation of document evidence by using nanotechnology
  • Dr. Kapil Kumar
  • National conference on Latest Technology & their application in forensic Science & Digital Forensics
  • March 2011  |  ()
  • 978-81-902594-9-1

Programme Attended

Sr.No Programme name Title Level of programme From date To date Organized by roleoffaculty
1 Short term course Tools and Techniques in Biological Sciences National 25-10-2018 30-10-2018 HRDC, Gujarat University Participant
2 Refresher Course Nano Technology National 07-11-2016 28-11-2016 HRDC, Gujarat University Invited Speaker
3 Short term course Research Methodology & Ethics-2016 National 22-09-2016 28-09-2016 UGC-Human Resource Development Centre of Gujarat University Organizer
4 Short term course Advances in Genetic Diagnosis National 27-09-2016 03-10-2016 Department of Zoology, Biomedical Technology & Human Genetics and Human Resource Development, Gujarat University Participant
5 Conference 24th all India forensic science conference-2018 National 10-02-2018 12-02-2018 Ministry of Home Affairs, GoI and Gujarat University Organizer
6 Conference Vignan Parishad Science Excellence -2011 State Level 08-01-2011 08-01-2011 Department of Botany, Gujarat university Participant
7 Conference COCON international cyber security and policing conference International 27-09-2019 28-09-2019 ISRA and Kerala Police Participant
8 Seminar Application of radioisotopes and radiation technology in Agriculture, Healthcare and industries National 15-02-2019 16-02-2019 SPB Patel Engineering College, Saffrony institute of technology Campus, Mehsana, Gujarat Participant
9 Workshop Forensic Psychology- Application in Civil and Criminal justice Administration National 20-10-2018 20-10-2018 Centre for criminal Law & Justice, Institute of Law, Nirma University Participant
10 Conference Climate change and impact management International 05-08-2019 06-08-2019 Gujarat University Organizer
11 Seminar Science excellence-2018 State Level 20-09-2018 20-09-2018 Department of Botany , Gujarat University Resources person
12 Workshop MOOC's workshop State Level 16-02-2019 16-02-2019 EMRC, Gujarat University Participant
13 Workshop Workshop on Medical Boards for Medical Assistants National 23-05-2019 23-05-2019 HQ South Western Air Command, IAF Invited Speaker
14 Seminar Value based education State Level 12-04-2019 12-04-2019 Gujarat University in association with GTU, IITE and GFSU Participant
15 Seminar NMR Spectroscopy: Concepts and Applications National 24-08-2018 25-08-2018 Department of Chemistry and Oxygen Healthcare Research Pvt. Ltd. Participant
16 Workshop OECD Principles of GLP National 20-08-2018 22-08-2018 Gujarat University and SARC LLP Organizer
17 Professional devlopment programme Virtual Lab, Boot camp National 09-01-2019 13-01-2019 IIT Bombay and Gujarat University Participant
18 Conference Supramolecules and Forensic Nanotechnology International 23-02-2018 24-02-2018 Institute of Research and Development, GFSU, Gandhinagar Participant
19 Workshop Training of Teachers (ToT) National 28-08-2019 28-08-2019 UGC-HRDC,Gujarat University Participant
20 Faculty devlopment programme Recent Advances in Forensic Ballistics and explosive examination National 03-10-2019 04-10-2019 SVVV, Indore Invited Speaker
21 Workshop Cyber crime-cyber forensics: needs and challenges National 17-03-2017 18-03-2017 RSU, Gandhinagar Participant
22 Conference Application of statistics in clinical research and life science industry National 08-09-2018 08-09-2018 Department of Statistics, Gujarat University Participant
23 Professional devlopment programme 15th Summer Training Course State Level 15-05-2017 05-06-2017 ICIRC and Gujarat University Invited Speaker
24 Conference forensic Science and Cyber Security International 05-10-2017 06-10-2017 GFSU, Gandhinagar and BPR&D, New Delhi Participant
25 Conference Recent trends in Forensic Science National 17-02-2016 17-02-2016 YCIS, Satara, Maharastra Invited Speaker
26 Symposium Forensic Medicine and Toxicology National 04-03-2020 04-03-2020 Department of Forensic Science, Gujarat University Organizer
27 Seminar Crime Against Women National 28-02-2020 28-02-2020 Department of Forensic Science, Gujarat University Organizer
28 Workshop Hacktrack National 08-02-2020 08-02-2020 Department of Forensic Science, Gujarat University Organizer

Paper Presented

Sr.No Programme name Title Level of programme Organization Date Comment
1 Conference A novel method development for detection of Diazepam using p-text butyl calixarene International Raksha Shakti University, Lavad, Gandhinagar 07/09/2019 ICPS-2019
2 Conference A method development for detection of Cannabis by using (4 Hydroxy-3methoxphenicalix [4] resorcinarene) International Raksha Shakti University 06/09/2019 International conference on Police Science (ICPS-2019)
3 Conference The likelihood to evaluate handwriting of diverse scripts originated from alike archaic script National Yasvant Rao Chavan Institute of Science, Satara 17/02/2016 Conference on Resent trends in Forensic Science
4 Conference Determination of relative age of inkjet and Laser printouts by CIE Lab color space International Department of Forensic Science, Patiala University 11/01/2015 nil
5 Conference Decipher of printed text on old thermal papers State Level HNGU, Patan 23/02/2014 -
6 Seminar Innovative ideas of best practices for sustainable Environmental development National Kadi Sarva Vishwa Vidyalaya, Gandhinagar 29/03/2013 Aeroponics
7 Conference Crime Against Women: Sexual Harassment National Institute of Forensic Science, Mumbai 06/03/2012 nil
8 Conference Determination of Age of document by physiological age changes in signatures Vignan Parishad Science Excellence -2011 State Level Department of Botany, Gujarat university 08/01/2011 1st Prize in paper presentation
9 Conference Age of Signatures State Level Gujarat University 21/03/2010 XXIV Gujarat Science Congress

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