U.S. Joshi


Post Doctoral (BOYSCAST Fellowship),M.Sc., Ph.D.

Specialization Thin film Nanostructures, Oxide Electronics,
Area of Research/Interest Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Nanoscience, Electronics
Teaching Experience 25
Total Research
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  • Advances in Materials Science and Technology (AMST)
  • Utpal S. Joshi, Dipti Tripathi, V.A. Rana, R.B. Jotania and P.N. Gajjar
  • TransTech Publishers, Switzrland
  • 2013 (doi: http  |    |   Pages : -
  • ISSN print 1012-0394 ISSN cd 1662-9787 ISSN we


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  • 86. Investigation of magnetoelectric coupling effect in strongly ferroic oxide composites
  • U.S. Joshi
  • Applied Physics A, (2019)
  • August 2019  |  61 (125)
  • Enhanced room temperature ferromagnetism and green photoluminescence in Cu doped ZnO thin film synthesised by neutral beam sputtering
  • U.S. Joshi
  • Scientific Reports,
  • April 2019  |  66 (9)
  • Optoelectronic response of (111) oriented CeO2 films for UV photodetector
  • Sushant Zinzuvadiya, Nirav C. Pandya and U.S. Joshi
  • January 2019  |  ()
  • Synthesis and physical properties of low cost, non toxic, earth abundant p-type CuInS2 thin film as absorber layer for photovoltaic application
  • J.J. Chaudhari and U.S. Joshi 5 (2018) 23434–23438
  • December 2018  |  5 ()
  • Magnetoelectric coupling and dielectric spectroscopy up to Ku band frequency of strongly ferroic oxide composites
  • Rutvi J. Pandya and U.S. Joshi
  • December 2018  |  44 ()
  • Effects of complexing agent on earth-abundant environmentally friendly Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film solar cells prepared by sol–gel deposition
  • J. J. Chaudhari, and U. S. Joshi
  • July 2018  |  ()
  • Bipolar resistance switching properties of Pulse laser deposited a-ZrO2/a-IGZO transparent heterojunction
  • Bhaumik V. Mistry and U. S. Joshi
  • June 2018  |  29 ()
  • Fabrication of high quality Cu2SnS3 thin film solar cell with 1.12% power conversion efficiency obtain by low cost environment friendly sol-gel technique
  • J J Chaudhari and U. S Joshi
  • March 2018  |  5 ()
  • Optimization of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film absorber layer growth without sulphurization using triethanolamine as complexing agent for thin film solar cells applications
  • J. J. Chaudhari and U. S. Joshi
  • February 2018  |  29 ()
  • Broadband dielectric spectroscopy of BiFeO3 thin film up to Ku band frequency 50 (2017) 255303
  • R B Upadhyay, N C Pandya and U S Joshi
  • June 2017  |  50 ()
  • Resistive Switching Properties of Highly Transparent SnO2:Fe Vol.
  • S.J. Trivedi, U.S. Joshi
  • January 2017  |  9 ()
  • Tuning of optical and electrical properties of wide band gap Fe:SnO2/Li:NiO p–n junctions using 80 MeV oxygen ion beam
  • Bhaumik V. Mistry, D. K. Avasthi, U. S. Joshi
  • November 2016  |  ()
  • Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 thick film derived by polymer modified MOSD route for tunable microstrip antenna applications
  • R. B. Upadhyay, Sriranganath Annam, M. R. Patel, Arun K. Sharma, Pratik Mevada, and U. S. Joshi
  • August 2016  |  43 ()
  • Influence of 120 MeV Au+9 ions irradiation on resistive switching properties of Cr:SrZrO3/SRO junctions
  • Komal H. Bhavsar and Utpal S. Joshi
  • July 2016  |  ()
  • Resistance switching and memory effects in solution processed BiFeO3/LaNiO3 junctions
  • N C Pandya, A K Debnath and U S Joshi
  • February 2016  |  49 ()
  • Influence of Aliovalent Doping on Dielectric Properties of Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 Thin Film for Voltage Tunable Applications
  • R. B. Upadhyay, Sriranganath Annam, M. R. Patel and U. S. Joshi
  • December 2015  |  ()
  • Optimization of structural, surface and electrical properties of solution processed LaNiO3 conducting oxide
  • Nirav C. Pandya and U. S. Joshi
  • January 2015  |  26 ()
  • Effect of substrate on memristive switching of Pr0.7Ca0.3MnO3
  • K.H. Bhavsar and U.S. Joshi
  • January 2014  |  ()
  • Synthesis and electrical properties of 1-x(Na0.5K0.5NbO3)-x(CoFe2O4)
  • Ramesh R. Varma, Purnima S. Sengunthar, Nikhil G. Joshi, M.R Gadhvi, U.V. Chhaya and U.S. Joshi
  • January 2014  |  ()
  • Effect of 100 MeV Ag+7 ion irradiation on electrical properties of Ag/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/Ag planar structures
  • K.H. Bhavsar, U.S. Joshi, B.V. Mistry, U.V. Chhaya, S.A. Khan and D.K. Avasthi
  • January 2014  |  ()
  • Electrical properties of Ag/In2O3/M (M = LaNiO3, Pt) devices for RRAM applications
  • Bhaumik V. Mistry, U.S. Joshi, S.J. Trivedi, U.N .Trivedi and R. Pinto
  • January 2014  |  ()
  • Design and Construction of Low Temperature Attachment for Commercial AFM
  • Abrarkhan M. Pathan, Dhawal H. Agrawal, Pina M. Bhatt, Hitarthi H. Patel and U. S. Joshi
  • January 2014  |  ()
  • RRAM properties of swift heavy ion irradiated Ag/In2O3/Pt/Si heterostructures
  • Bhaumik V. Mistry, Sinny J. Trivedi, U.V. Chhaya, S.A. Khan, D.K. Avasthi and Utpal S. Joshi
  • January 2013  |  ()
  • Tuning of optical and dielectric properties of nanoscale TiO2 using swift heavy ions
  • Sinny J. Trivedi, S.A. Khan and U.S. Joshi
  • January 2013  |  ()
  • Electrical properties of solution processed highly transparent ZnO TFT with organic gate dielectric
  • Nirav C. Pandya, Nikhil G. Joshi, U. N. Trivedi, and U. S. Joshi
  • January 2013  |  ()
  • Effect of oxide insertion layer on resistance switching properties of copper phthalocyanine
  • Nikhil G. Joshi, Nirav C. Pandya, and U. S. Joshi
  • January 2013  |  ()
  • Fabrication and characterization of indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) thin film transistors with (La0.5Y0.5)2O3 gate insulator
  • Bhaumik V. Mistry, Jaydeep Mistry, U. N. Trivedi, V. G. Joshi, and U. S. Joshi
  • January 2013  |  ()
  • Surface structure and electrical properties of solution processed lanthanum nickelate films
  • Nirav C. Pandya and U. S. Joshi
  • 63.Memristive properties of In2O3/LaNiO3 heterostructures grown by pulsed laser deposition
  • B. V. Mistry, R. Pinto and U. S. Joshi
  • Development & Performance of Cryostat for Measurement of Magnetic Properties
  • Darshan V. Shah, U.S.Joshi, H.A.Shukla
  • Development & Performance of Cryostat for Measurement of Magnetic Properties
  • Darshan V. Shah, U.S.Joshi, H.A.Shukla
  • Microstructural and Electrical Properties of Barium Strontium Titanate and Nickel Zinc Ferrite Composites
  • Rutvi J. Pandya, U. S. Joshi and O. F. Caltun
  • Superconducting materials : An overall review
  • Hemin V. Thakkar, C. J. Shah, S. M. Gandhi and U. S. Joshi

Programme Attended

Sr.No Programme name Title Level of programme From date To date Organized by roleoffaculty
1 Conference International Conference on Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion and Storage Applications (NECSA-2018 International 29-01-2018 29-01-2018 Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar, India
2 Conference INUP-sponsored National Workshop entitled, “Special INUP Familiarization Workshop on Nanofabricati National 26-10-2019 26-10-2019 Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar
3 Conference 37th National level FDP in Physics National 01-01-2018 01-01-2018 Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat, Ahmedabad, 01-01-2018
4 Conference International Conference on 'Ion beams in Materials Engineering and Characterization', (IBMEC 2018) International 09-10-2018 09-10-2018 Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi
5 Conference STTP : “Recent trends in Bio-Nano Technology for Societal Benefits” National 24-11-2017 24-11-2017 VVP Eng. College, Rajkot
6 Conference National workshop on “Electronics Devices and their characterization techniques”, , 14th March 2 National 14-03-2017 14-03-2017 Dept. of Electronics, S.P. University, Vallabh Vidyanagar
7 Conference International Conference on Functional Oxides and Nano Materials (ICFONM-2016), November 11-13, 201 International 11-11-2016 11-11-2016 Saurashtra University. Rajkot
8 Conference 18th International Conference on Radiation Effects in Insulators (18th REI-2015) held at during Octo International 26-11-2015 26-11-2015 Hotel Royal Orchid, Jaipur, India
9 Conference Workshop on “Interdisciplinary investigations of ion beam interactions with matter from fundamenta International 12-05-2015 12-05-2015 Caen, France
10 Conference Workshop on Future Direction in Ion Beams in Materials Engineering and Characterization (FD-IBMEC) National 30-12-2015 30-12-2015 Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi
11 Conference STTP : Fundamentals in Nanotechnology, FDP Programme National 05-11-2015 05-11-2015 BISAG, Gandhinagar,

Paper Presented

Sr.No Programme name Title Level of programme Organization Date Comment

Special Academics Distinctions

1 SERC Young Scientist Award October-1998 to Marc DST-India sponsored Visiting Scientist at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
2 BOYSCAST Fellowship by DST-India April 2004-March 200 Visiting post doctoral fellow
3 Summer Fellow April 2003-July 2003 Visiting fellowship sponsored by Indian Academy of Sciences
4 DAE Young Scientist Research Award July 2006-March 2009 Sponsored by Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India
5 Visiting Scientist 2012-2013 (03 Months Fellowshhip awarded by Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
6 Young foreign scientist, Japan 2004-2005 (06 months Work on Wide Band Gap semiconductors


Sr.No Collaboration Name Organization Name YEAR Remarks
1 Dr. A.K. Debnath Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai June 2011--till date
2 Prof. K.S. Narayan Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advance Scienttific Research, Bangalore May 2012--
3 Dr. D.K. Avasthi Inter University Accelerator Centre (IUAC), New Delhi June-2007 to March-2019 04 PhD students trained at Pelletron of IUAC, New Delhi
4 Prof. Richard Pinto Indian Institute of Technology, Bambay June 2008-March 2010 Student training for advance equipment access at IIT-B


Sr.No Project Title Organization Name Company Name YEAR
1 Atomic force microscopy of nano-sized drug molecules Gujarat University, Ahmedabad Cadila Healthcare, Ahmedabad 2016-2017
2 Atomic force microscopy of nano-sized drug molecules Gujarat University, Ahmedabad Claris Lifesciences, Ahmedabad 2012 and 2014