Department of Youth Welfare


The Gujarat University was established in 1950 and the Department of youth Welfare was introduced the same year with an objective to give sound platform to the budding talents of the young students of the University. This department was initially under the auspicious of the Department of Sports and Cultural Activities. In 1980, Youth Welfare Department came into existence as a separate entity and bifurcated from the Sports Department. Shri Kanakbhai Dave was the first Director of the Department in 1986. In the initial stage the Youth Festival was organized only in two sections :

  • Urban
  • Rural

But afterwards there was an increase in the number of colleges and also in the strength of participants. Therefore, it was divided first into three zones and then consequently into five zones. At present, almost five thousand students take part in the youth festival with all their enthusiasm and zeal.

The Objective of the Department of Youth Welfare:

The department aims at providing students with cultural environment so as to shape their alround personality and develop their physical, mental, social, aesthetical and spiritual dimensions and cultivate basic human qualities like honesty, integrity, industriousness and tolerance. So that they may prove to be our cultural custodians and make wonderful citizens of our great nation.

Response of youth to youth festivals:

“Youth! Youth! How buoyant are the hopes, they turn, Like marigolds towards the sunny side.”

- Jean Ingelow

Of course, our youth always turns to the sunny side of our youth festivals like marigolds to blossom fully, to grow perfectly and to shine out distinctly. They expand the horizons of their talent, their skills and their expertise through the pilgrimage of youth festival every year. Youth festival for them is a fulfilling, sustaining and developing artistic experience through which they take an arrow-like flight towards their grandest goal and distinct artistic aim. So, they always desire, aspire and avail this excellent opportunity. That offer them a sound platform to exhibit the endless reservoir of their unexpressed abilities and to showcase the complete menagerie of their unfathomed capabilities and unexplored dreams. Let us wish them an ever-shining future and ceaseless artistic advancement.

Activities Run by Section

  1. Youth Festival (Month of September) :
    1. Zonal youth festival organised by Host College in Five Zones With a view to facilitating organisation of the Youth Welfare activities in the colleges affiliated to this University. The University region will be divided into the following five zones :
      1. Ahmedabad Ellisbridge-North Zone,
      2. Ahmedabad Ellisbridge-South Zone,
      3. Ahmedabad City Zone,
      4. South Zone No.-1,
      5. South Zone No.-2.
    2. Inter Zonal selection of best three participants for each event by Youth Welfare Department, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad for Inter University (West Zone) Youth Festival.
  2. Extra mural Studies activities :
    1. To Arrange for the writing and Publication of popular books on Topics of General Interest
    2. To Organise :
      1. University Lecture series,
      2. Vidya Vistar Lecture series,
      3. Shri Ramanlal Sheth Memorial Lecture series,
      4. Shri Chhaganlal Gopali Solanki Shankar Darshan Lecture series,
      5. Mahatma Yogeshawarji Lecture series.
    3. To Organize Bank of Baroda Trophy debate contest.
  3. To Organise Inter University Exchange Programme for the student welfare members of Gujarat University.
  4. To Oraganise adventure activities :
    1. Mountaineering, (Basic, Advance course), Expedition, Trekking, Hyking etc.
  5. To Oraganise Work Shop :
    1. Music, Dance, Literary Events, Theatre, Fine Arts, Photography, Leadership Training camps in summer & Diwali vacation.



Who can participate ?

  1. Eligibility Rules :
    1. Only bonafide, full time student, who is enrolled for a degree or post degree or diploma course which is of a minimum duration of one academic year and whose examination is conducted by the University subsequent to passing the 12th class examination under the 10+2 pattern of education conducted by a recognised Board of Higher Secondary/Senior Secondary in the country or an equivalent examination shall be eligible to participate in the Inter University Cultural Activities.
      1. Students of Open Universities shall be considered to be bonafide students and shall be eligible to participate provided they fulfil other conditions. However, students enrolled in correspondence course. Institutes of Universities, casual students, external students and students pursuing bridge courses shall not be eligible.
    2. All students for participating in the Inter University Youth Cultural Activities shall fulfil the following conditions :
      1. Not more than 7 years have elapsed since a student passed the examination qualifying him/her for first admission to a degree or diploma course of a University or College affiliated to a University.
      2. Only students, who are less than 25 years of age as on 1st July of the academic year in which the activity is held, can participate.
      3. Further, students can participate for one year more than the normal length of the academic programme which he/she is following.
    3. A student employed on full time basis shall not be eligible to participate.
    4. A student shall not be allowed to represent more than one University during a single academic year.
    5. Provisional admission to a course of a University or College shall not make the student eligible to represent the University in the Inter University Youth Cultural Activities.
    6. In case of a student migrating from one University to another, his/her migration case will be considered eligible only after his/her admission in the new University is regularised and he/she is admitted as a bonafide student by the new University.
  2. Explanations :
    1. For the purpose of computing years of eligibility, one year means the academic year in which the cultural activity is held irrespective of whether the student’s result is declared or not. It will normally be extended from June/July to 12 calendar months of the next year.
    2. The restriction of participation in Inter University Youth Cultural Activities to a period of one year more than the lengh/duration of academic courses means that the students pursuing a three year degree programme ( i.e. B.A., B,.Com., B.Sc. etc. ) can participate for four years, while a student pursuing four year programme ( i.e. B.E., B.Tech. etc. ) can participate for five years.
  3. Disqualifications for violation of Eligibility Rules :
    1. Any disqualification of a participant on grounds of ineligibility will result in the automatic scratching of the contingent for that academic year. The contingent shall also be debarred from participating in the youth cultural activities to be held in the following years.
    2. A participant disqualified on the grounds of ineligibility shall not be permitted to participate in Inter University Youth Cultural Activities in the next year


 [Events at a Glance]

S. No.   Items Participants Accompanists No. P + A Min Time Max Time
1. Music :          
  Classical Vocal Solo (Hindustani or Karnataki) 1 2 3 12 15 min
  Classical Instrumental Solo (Percussion) 1 2 3 12 15 min
  Classical Instrumental Solo (Non-Percussion) 1 2 3 12 15 min
  Light Vocal (Indian)* 1 2 3 4 6 min
  Western Vocal (Solo)* 1 2 3 4 6 min
  Group Song (Indian) 6 3 9 8 10 min
  Group Song (Western) 6 3 9 8 10 min
2.  Dance :          
  Folk/Tribal Dance 10 5 15 8 10 min
  Classical Dance (Indian) 1 3 4 12 15 min