Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMRC)

EMRC, Ahmedabad, is one of the forerunners among the 17 Educational Multimedia Research Centres, established all over India by the University Grants Commission (UGC), with the objective of generating quality higher educational television programmes. UGC initiated an educational television transmission, earlier named 'Countrywide Classroom' from 15 August, 1984 on Doordarshan National channel. Its original one-hour slot transmission today, has grown into a 24 hour dedicated higher educational channel, 'Vyas'. Not only this, but the programmes generated by the Centres are shown on various other channels, which includes Education International on DD Bharti. They are also available through DTH and EduSat. Henceforth, we have a big share in television broadcasting and now our vision is in tune with the modern development of web casting and for this the Centre is geared towards multimedia development.

EMRC has produced about 1060 TV programmes in the past two and half decades, including varied subjects like Applied Science, Economics, Technology, Sports, Culture, Archaeological Heritage, People, Places and so on. EMRC has also achieved national and international awards for the same. Additional to this we have various multiple part series on subjects such as Entrepreneurship, Chemistry, Dentistry, Gandhi Darshan, Soft Skills, Earthquake Resistant Structures, Enlightenment, Sustainable Development and Architecture and many more. Centre is also engaged in creation of E-Content of under graduate level Zoology syllabus for UGC and for MHRD under the National Mission for Education through ICT. Virtual classes through EduSat is a regular activity of the Centre. Thousands of students and faculty members have attended these lectures with live interaction through video, audio and text.

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