Sr.No Organization MoU for Date
2 Mahatama Gandhi Central University Bihar Collaboration on Academic and Research Activities  07-Jun-2019
3 CSIR-IITR Lucknow on 08-Mar-2019 Toxicology Research 08-Mar-2019
4 S D School of Commerce with Ahmedabad Branch of WIRC of ICAI Certificate Course of Goods and Services Tax(GST) 08-Mar-2019
5 Techdefencelabs Information Security and Cyber forensic 21-Feb-2019
6 Alliance Francaise d’Ahmedabad    
7 Wave Analytical & Research Center Analytical & Research Center  
8 Astrakhan State University Cooperation & Partnership Agreement 19-Jan-2019
9 Indian Army Technical and Skill Devlopment 05-Jan-2019
 10. Y.J. Trivedi & Co. Exchange of knowledge between startups,entrepreneurs,innovators and mentors and engaging in activities aligned with objectives of both organisations 22-Nov-2018
11 R & D Unit, Sat Kaival Hospital Pvt Ltd. Work on Training and Research Project 10-Oct-2018
12 European Business and Technology Centre  Joint Research 16-Oct-2018
13 North Americal University for Development of Academic Cooperation in Internation Education Responsible for Admission decisions 23-Sep-2018
14 Parshwanath Vidyapeeth and Gujarat University Devloping a Joint Academic and research 16-Aug-2018
15 Gujarat Sahitya Academy (GSA) Literature related program 06-Aug-2018
16 Economics Department, Gujarat University and Economics Department, Kuchchh University Faculty and Student Exchange 20-July-2018
17 The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, New Delhi Agreement for the ICSI for the Signature Award 16-July-2018
18 Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) Remediation,Solid waste management,waste water treatment and ground water recharge 05-Jun-2018
19 Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management (GIDM) Joint Devlopment and Training Programme 12-May-2018
20 Cooperation Agreement University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Poland Counductiong joint research project 29-Apr-2017
21 Ahmedabad Municipal corporation Research works 25-Apr-2017
22 Center for Entrepreneurship Development Research works 06-Apr-2017
23 GeneXplore Diagnostics and Research Centre Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem 23-Mar-2017
24 Iladevi Cataract and IOL research Centre MOU Explore and assist in devloping mechanisums 09-Mar-2017
25 Biocare Research (I) Pvt Ltd Research for clinical trials, industrial training 24-Oct-2017
26 Claris Capital Technical and expertise Knowledge 01-Sep-2017
27 GUSEC and Entrepreneurs Organisation Gujarat Chapter Exchange of knowledge between startups,entrepreneurs,innovators and mentors and engaging in activities aligned with objectives of both organisations 22-Sep-2017
28 PRL to Carry out research work leading to the degree of Ph.D. Research work leading to the Ph.D. in Science 13-July-2017
29 Electronics Sector Skill Council of India (ESSCI) Devloping and technology programme 17-Feb-2016
30 Gujarat Corporate Social Responsibility Authority (GCSRA) Research facility 17-Feb-2016
31 PanGenomics (USA) Ahmedabad Clinical genetic services 16-Feb-2016
32 QuestionPro inc. Technical support system 16-Dec-2016
33 NAD with CDSL Information/Data relating to educational 19-Nov-2016
34 Microcare Laboratory & Tuberculosis Research Centre Develop incubation center and technology laboratories 24-Oct-2016
35 Gujarat Laboratory Develop incubation center and technology laboratories 24-Oct-2016
36 Next Generation WI-Fi services Of Reliance Jio at Colleges to create Digital Campus Campus deployment plan for WIFI Services 23-Sep-2016
37 20160829 MoU HIDAA Life Science Innovative ideas and devlop the product 29-Aug-2016
38 Cosmo Research Foundation Job Training, Research 15-July-2016
39 Green Field Control System Research programme 14-July-2016
40 TATA Institute of Social Sciences Research devlopment 26-July-2016
41 GESIA IT Association Data Collection and monitoring and evalution 23-Apr-2016
42 Memorial Univ of Newfoundland Canada academic and research activities 13-Jan-2015
43 Student Exchange Programme between GU and OGU Japan All Problem solving 01-Apr-2014
44 Gyanjyot Education Trust Information on research and educational programme 10-Jan-2013
45 Asia Charitable Trust Providing course 17-Jun-2013
46 Association of Business Practioners (Uk) Jointly workshops and conferences 11-Jan-2013
47 Office of the Director of Census Operation Research providing 07-Mar-2013
48 B K School Training 20-Nov-2012
49 INFLIBNET Centre All providing system 04-Jun-2012
50 INDUS University Skill Devlopment programme 28-Dec-2012
51 Educational Consultants India Ltd   06-Nov-2007