Objectives of the University

  1. To provide instruction including correspondence courses, teaching and training in such branches of learning and courses of study as it may think fit, to make provision for research, advancement, and dissemination of knowledge, and to conduct special undergraduate courses for talented students;
  2. To make such provision as would enable affiliated colleges, recognized institutions and approved institution to undertake specialization of studies;
  3. To establish, maintain, take over by agreement and manage colleges, departments, centers and institutes of research or specialized studies;
  4. To organize common laboratories, libraries, museums and other equipment for teaching and research;
  5. To establish within the University area or outside that area such field stations, specialized laboratories and other units for research and instructions as are necessary for the furtherance of its objects;
  6. To create such teaching, administrative and such other posts as the University may deem necessary from time to time and to make appointments thereto;
  7. To institute professorships, readerships, lectureships and other posts of teachers required by the University;
  8. To appoint or recognize persons as professors, readers, or lecturers, or otherwise as teachers of the University;
  9. To guide teaching and research work in colleges, University Departments, University centers and recognized institutions;
  10. To lay down the course of instruction for the various examinations;
  11. To institute degrees, diplomas and other academic titles and distinctions;
  12. To hold examinations or tests and confer degrees and diplomas on, and gant certificates to, persons who-
    1. have purchased approved courses of study in the University ore in an affiliated college, unless exempted there from, in the manner prescribed by the Statutes. Ordinances, Regulations and Rules and have passed the examinations or tests prescribed by the University, or
    2. have carried on research under conditions prescribed by the States, Ordinances, Regulations or Rules;
  13. To confer honorary degrees or other academic distinctions in the manner laid down by Statutes;
  14. To grant such diplomas to, and to provide such lectures, instruction and training to, persons who are not enrolled students of the University, as may be determined by the Statues, Ordinances, Regulations and Rules;
  15. To withdraw or cancel any degree, diploma or certificate conferred or granted by University in the manner prescribed by Statues;
  16. To associate or admit educational institutions with or to the privileges of the University by way of affiliation, recognition or approval;
  17. To withdraw or modify either in whole or in part, affiliation, recognition or approval of educational institutions;
  18. To submit to the State Government proposals for conferment of autonomy on any affiliated colleges or a University college, or a University Department or a recognized institution entitling it to privileges in the in the matters of admission of students, prescribing the courses of study, imparting instruction, teaching and training in the courses of study, the holding and conduct of examinations and the powers to make necessary rules for the purpose;
  19. To recommend to the State Government withdrawal of autonomy conferred on any affiliated college, recognized institution or a University College or Department;
  20. To inspect colleges, recognized institutions and approved institutions and to take measures to ensure that proper standards of instruction, teaching and training are maintained in them and that adequate library and laboratory provisions are made therein;
  21. To lay down and regulate the salary scales, allowances and other conditions of service of the members of the teaching, other academic and non-teaching staff of the University;
  22. To lay down and regulate the salary scales, allowance and other conditions of service of the members of the teaching, other academic and non-teaching staff in the affiliated colleges, and recognized and approved institutions;
  23. To provide for the establishment and recognition of Students' Unions or associations of teachers, academic staff or other employees of the University, affiliated colleges and recognized institutions;
    1. To control and co-ordinate the activities of, and give financial aid to affiliated colleges and recognized and approved institutions; and
    2. To regulate the fees to be paid b y the students in affiliated colleges, and recognized and approved institutions
  24. To hold and manage trusts and endowments;
  25. To Institute and award fellowships, traveling fellowships, scholarships, studentships, medals, prizes and other wards;
  26. To make special provision for the spread of University education among classes and communities which are educationally backward;
  27. To lay down courses of study to meet the requirements of rural planning, development and reconstruction and to provide for instruction, teaching and training in such courses;
  28. To make special provision for disseminating knowledge and promoting arts and culture;
  29. To fix, to demand and to receive or recover such fees and other charges as may be prescribed by Ordinances;
  30. To establish, maintain and manage hostels;
  31. To recognize hostels not maintained by the University, to inspect such hostels and to withdraw recognition there from;
  32. To co-ordinate, supervise, regulate and control the residence, conduct and discipline of the students of the University and to make arrangements for promoting their health and general welfare;
  33. To take disciplinary action against the students of the University and to impose such punishments upon them as may be deemed fit for breach of discipline or misconduct, within or outside the University, including the use of unfair means at an examination or in relation thereto by themselves or b y any other persons or abetment thereof;
  34. To conduct, co-ordinate, supervise, regulate and control post-graduates teaching and research work in the University Departments, affiliated colleges and institutions recognized or approved b y the University;
  35. To co-ordinate, supervise, regulate and control the conduct of under graduate teaching and instruction in the affiliated colleges and to undertake the same in University colleges;
  36. To institute and manage --
    1. Printing and Publication Department,
    2. University Extension Boards,
    3. Information Bureau, and
    4. Employment Bureau;
  37. To make provision--
    1. For continuing Education, Adult Education, Extra-mural teaching, Extension Services and other recognized educational activities;
    2. For physical education, National Cadet Corps, National Service Scheme, National Sports Organization, military training and such other recognized activities,
    3. For Students' Unions, and
    4. For sports and athletic activities.
  38. To co-operative with any other universities, authorities or associations or any other public or private bodies in such manner and for such purposes at the University may determine;
  39. To make arrangements for training for competitive examinations for recruitment of services under the Union and State Governments;
  40. To promote the development of the study of Gujarati and Hindi (in Devnagari script) and the use of Gujarati and Hindi (in Devanagari script) or both, as the media of instruction and examination;
  41. To acquire, hold, manage and dispose of any property movable and immovable, including trust or endowed property within or outside the University area, for the purposes or objects of the University and to invest any funds representing such property in such manner as the university thinks fit;
  42. To raise public loans and the security of the assets of the University for the purposes of the University, with the previous approval of the State Government;
  43. To enter into any agreement for the incorporation in the University of any other institution and for taking over its rights, properties and liabilities and for any other purpose not repugnant to this Act;