Technology Business Incubator (TBI)

GUSEC is awarded Technology Business Incubator (TBI) by Department Science and Technology, Government of India. Business incubation has been globally recognized as an important tool for economic development and job creation. National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board is supporting Technology Business Incubators primarily in and around academic and technical institutions to tap potential technology ideas and innovations for venture creation by effectively utilizing expertise and existing infrastructure already available with the host institution. Technology based new enterprises are typically characterized as high risk and high growth ventures, and as such, they require an enabling environment like TBI to enhance the prospects of success.

Objectives of TBI

  •  New Venture Creation: to promote new technology/knowledge based ventures.
  •  Technology Commercialization: to provide a platform for speedy commercialization of technologies developed in the institution.
  •  Interfacing and Networking: to provide networking between academia, industry and financial institution.
  •  Value Addition: to provide value added services viz. legal, financial, technical, IPR, etc. to incubatees.