Master of Arts in Philosophy

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Post Graduate


2 Year

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Department of Philosophy
Semester Sr no CourseCode Course CourseCredit
Sem-1 1 PHI401  Philosophy of Social Sciences  4
Sem-1 2 PHI402  Indian Ethics  4
Sem-1 3 PHI403  Symbolic Logic  4
Sem-1 4 PHI404EA  Modern Indian Thought-1   4
Sem-1 5 PHI404EB  Jaina Philosophy  4
Sem-1 6 PHI405EA  Post-Shankara Vedanta  4
Sem-1 7 PHI405EB  Philosophy of Ramanujacharya  4
Sem-1 8 PHI406  Yogasutra-I      4
Sem-1 9 PHI406  Short Essays (for External Students Only)  4
Sem-2 1 PHI407  Indian Epistemology  4
Sem-2 2 PHI408  Western Ethics  4
Sem-2 3 PHI409  Advance Symbolic Logic  4
Sem-2 4 PHI410EA  Modern Indian Thought-II  4
Sem-2 5 PHI410EB  Indian and Western Aesthetics  4
Sem-2 6 PHI411EA  Philosophy of Anandshakara Dhruva  4
Sem-2 7 PHI411EB  Philosophy of Religion  4
Sem-2 8 PHI412  Yogasutra-II  4
Sem-2 9 PHI412  Short Essays (for External Students Only)  4
Sem-3 1 PHI501  Philosophy of Karl Popper  4
Sem-3 2 PHI502  Post-Modern Philosophy  4
Sem-3 3 PHI503  Contemporary Western Philosophy-I  4
Sem-3 4 PHI504  Socio – Political Philosophy-I  4
Sem-3 5 PHI504EB  Philosophical Analysis  4
Sem-3 6 PHI505 EA  Philosophy of Bertrand Russell  4
Sem-3 7 PHI505EB  Philosophy of Vallabhacharya  4
Sem-4 1 PHI506  Seminar Short Essays (for External Students Only)  4
Sem-4 2 PHI507  Contemporary Western Philosophy-II  4
Sem-4 3 PHI508  Philosophy of Kant  4
Sem-4 4 PHI509  Philosophy of Navya Nyaya  4
Sem-4 5 PHI510EA  Environmental Philosophy  4
Sem-4 6 PHI510EB  Socio-Political Philosophy-II  4
Sem-4 7 PHI511EA  Seminar   4
Sem-4 8 PHI511EB  Short Essays (for External Students Only)  4
Sem-4 9 PHI512  Project  4
Sem-4 10 PHI512  Philosophy of Sartre (for External Students Only)  4
CourseType Shift
Sanctioned Intake
General EWS SEBC SC ST Male Female
Government Noon 1 1 9 10 1 5860 1860
Eligibility Criteria
  • PO1: It will provide the potentiality of the student to philosophize and to make them self-reflexive.
  • PO2: The basic outcome of the PG department is to inculcate in-depth knowledge of philosophy.
  • PO3: The demand of self reflexivity will lead to consistent and critical spell of thought which will navigate the hard core of student’s thinking and reflecting.
  • PO4: The PG Department has chosen its research domain which would concentrate on the philosophical thought that has been develop in Gujarat.
  • PO5: This in-depth knowledge will include the entire discourse of Indian and Western Philosophy.
  • PO6: To make philosophy a life learning process so that one can envision one’s own life systematically and sincerely.
  • PSO1: A skill of critical inquiry which is necessary and should be inevitably attained for the philosophical discourse. The skill of critical inquiry gives an insight to generate creative thought.
  • PSO2: Philosophical thinking is not an alienated discourse which subjugates life. Life is panorama of philosophical thinking. Philosophy cannot exclude life as Dr. Radhakrishnan has rightly said “That philosophy is alive it can not be remote from the life of the people.” In this respect the skill of philosophizing connect and substantiate life.
  • PSO3: Philosophy is not only an abstract thinking but it preludes the potential of thinking beyond the structural boundaries. The skill of philosophizing will develop the potential to create an out of box thinking
  • PSO4: Post Graduate Programme in Philosophy will enrich the potential of knowledge by creating a critical, comprehensive and will ensure the capacity of inquiring mind.
  • PSO5: The domain of the history of Indian and Western Philosophy is an aspiring and inspiring discourses on thought and life.
  • PSO6: The programme has been covered by the domain of society, religion, ethics and aesthetics. With the special focus on the present day problematics of life and living in society.
  • PSO7: The study of reasoning provides the anatomy of examining thought and argument and will provide an essential skill of reasoning.
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