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Department of Physics has a remarkable history of more than 60 years. The Department was established in the year 1959 with commencement of M.Sc. (Physics) course with five faculty members. Initially department was offering specialization in Solid State Physics, Electronics and Nuclear Physics. The department established research activities in the areas of Solid State Physics and Ionospheric studies at very early stages. In the year 1973, Advanced P.G. Diploma Course in Space Sciences and its Applications was started and in 1989, the Department started two year M.Sc. Electronics program. In 2009, the P.G. Diploma Course in Space Sciences and its Applications has been discontinued and a new “Advanced P.G. Diploma in Geoinformatics and Satellite Communications” course has been started and continued upto 2014.  Presently the thrust area of the department is Condensed Matter Physics (Theory and Experiment). Department is supported by DST under DST-FIST programme and UGG under DRS-SAP programme. At present, Department offers M.Sc. (Physics), M.Sc. (Electronic Science), M.Phil (Physics), M.Phil. (Electronic Science), Ph.D (Physics) and Ph.D (Electronic Science). There are eleven faculty members in the department, and all are sincerely involved in teaching and research. The department is involved in research activities in the following major areas.  Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Computational Physics, Materials Science, Microwave Dielectrics, Ionospheric Studies, Atmospheric Physics, Remote Sensing, Electronic Science, Physics Education.

Develop a generation of creative, competent, credible, professional and ethical Physicists, who can nurture the new generation young students and execute various research programs.
Enhance academic excellence through a balanced emphasis on teaching and research.  Promote learning, creativity and critical thinking by regularly updating the curriculum and adopting innovative teaching methods.

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