Department of Labour Welfare


 The Department of Labour Welfare, one of the oldest Departments of Gujarat
University, was established in 1958.
 Initially it offered a Diploma in Labour Welfare, and since 1965, it is offering
Master Degree-Master of Labour Welfare (MLW).
 MLW programme is divided into 4 semesters, comprises of 24 courses-
 18 theory and 6 Practical field work courses.
 It is very uniquely designed interdisciplinary programme, imparting
knowledge ,both theoretical and practical, in mainly labour welfare, industrial
relations ,Labour Legislations and human resource development
 The Department believes that in a growing and competitive Indian and global
market, HR professionals have to move beyond traditional operational roles
into finding ways of developing strategic competitiv MLW programme is four semester full time grant in aid interdisciplinary
degree course and is recognised under the Factories Act, 1948 for
appointment of labour welfare officers in factories.
 Every year 36 students are admitted from diverse academic background
from arts, sciences and commerce faculties on merit basis,
 It has 18 theory courses and compulsory practical fieldwork in each
 Final Evaluation is semester wise with cumulative grade points and
includes 70%external as well as 30% continuous internal assessment with
15% Weightage given to attendance and class participation of students.
 Most of the students get job placements within a short time ranging from
2-6 months after completion of the course.

  • To continuously engage with society through its different institutions like voluntary organisations, government institutions, professional bodies.
  • To foster interdisciplinary research outlook towards labour management relations problems.
  • To develop linkages with prospective employers and other stakeholders in the System
  • To encourage students to continuously upgrade their professional and personal skills
  • To be an eminent centre of learning in Labour studies by promoting education, research and extension in the fields of Labour Welfare.
  • To achieve Academic excellence by encouraging field based holistic learning and grassroots level research in labour management relations  and promote sensitivity for Socio – economic diversity of human capital.

  •  Emphasis on extensive practical field work component in   addition to theory courses in all semesters. 
  •  Industry academia interaction through workshops/seminars.
  • Focusing on grooming and the presentation skills of the students for better final placements 
  •  learning centric pedagogy which includes  participative methodologies like case studies, presentations, field visits etc.
  • Facilitating summer internship training and  final placement of the students.

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