Upasana School of Performing Arts


Upasana School of Performing Arts is an endeavor of Gujarat University. It 

has been started with keeping in mind the changing cultural scenario and seeing. 

to the demands of todays' youth for literacy in culture. Upasana School of 

Performing Arts in the Gujarat University has uplifted the level & aesthetics of 

education giving it as artistic approach and openness. Art has no barrier & we 

have also seen that through art, especially performing arts, education can be. 

demonstrated & explained even better. 

To be the nation\'s finest in nurturing a future generation of competent, credible and ethical forensic scientists.Enhancing academic excellence through a balanced emphasis on teaching and research.Adopting innovative teaching methods that promote learning, creativity and critical thinking skills.Reviewing regularly the curriculum, courses and programs offered to meet the changing needs of the forensic science profession.

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