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The University School of Law was established in June 1977. Initially the classes were conducted at the School of Languages of the University. Than after Acharatlal Girdharlal Charity Trust donated for construction of  Independent Building and foundation stone(Shilanyas) laid down by Prof.Pratap Chandra Chundar, Hon’ble Minister of Education, Union of India on 19-11-1977 In the year of 1982 the School was sifted to its own building.

In the beginning two courses at LL.M. were offered in the subject of Commercial Laws and Criminal Laws.

As per the Survey conducted by "India Today and ORG Group" for 2012, the School of Law is Ranked 1st Position in Gujarat and 17th Position in India to Impart Legal Education.

To be the nation\'s finest in nurturing a future generation of competent, credible and ethical forensic scientists.Enhancing academic excellence through a balanced emphasis on teaching and research.Adopting innovative teaching methods that promote learning, creativity and critical thinking skills.Reviewing regularly the curriculum, courses and programs offered to meet the changing needs of the forensic science profession.

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