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Gujarati Department is an integral department of The Gujarat University. It was established in the year 1954 as the department of 'Gujarati Language and Literature'. There after gradually other languages were included and introduced, hence it was named as ‘The School of Languages’.

     Shree Umashanker Joshi was the pioneer and first head of the Gujarati department. He was a celebrity, a well known poet and a critic. `Gyanpith Award' has been conferred to him. He was also honoured by Ranjitram Suvarna Chandrak'. He was also the vice-chancellor of The Gujarat University.

Dr. Prabodh Pandit was a famous and well known scholar of linguistic. He was honoured in the year 1967 by Sahitya Academy Award of Delhi and he was also a recipient of Ranjitram Suvarna Chandrak in the year 1973.

Prof. Anantrai Raval was a critic and editor. He was given Ranjitram Suvarna Chandrak. He was also honoured by Sahitya Academy Award, Delhi in the year 1974.

       Dr. Ramanlal Joshi was the critic and editor. He had been the president/chairman of The Gujarat Sahitya Academy. He was honoured by Sahitya Academy Award Delhi in the year 1984. He was the Director of College Development Council in Gujarat University. He was appointed as an Emeritus Professor.       

We continue to do many kinds of work for the development of language, art and human relationships.
Students from urban and rural areas join in and take the story to their region and family. Some of these students have settled abroad and are also working for the development of Gujarati language there. In this way we try to develop the spirit of 'Vasudhaiva 
To develop global human relations through mother tongue.

1. 'Divya Jyot’ Programme
The approach of empathy instead of sympathy for Divyangs students
Activities like singing, reading etc. are organized by the department to cultivate a more positive attitude towards the Divyangs and to provide a platform for them to develop skills. 
The department is trying to build citizens who co-contribute with human dignity, not compassion for ordinary citizens of the country. 
2. Creation of research culture among students and social bonding through live interaction with eminent faculty and writer in literary creation of Gujarati language.
To motivate publications in peer reviewed journals and books
To skill/Well human being development-leading for better future
3. ‘Adhyakshar Abhivyakti Vartula’
To promote the learning of oral tradition, dialects and rural culture of Gujarat.
To guided students for creative activity
To encourage our student to the participant in the ‘Anand Ujani’ program organized by Gujarati Sahitya Parishad.
4. Special classes for guidance of NET/GSLET exams
In the last five years, 9 UGC-JRF, 10 UGC-NET and 10 students have passed the GSLET exam
5. Inter-disciplinary Lecture Series
To bridge the gap between Literature and other disciplines

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