Idea Lab

Idea Lab

"Idea lab" is an innovative initiative by Gujarat University. ln 2014, Gujarat University has taken several initiatives to make GUSEC a go-to organization for startup support. With over 60+ startups currently supported at the University under GUSEC, our efforts have proven to be a model for all other state universities. This policy, developed after over two years of practical on-ground experience at Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council.

In 2015, Gujarat University inspired the state government to usher in a common, state-level student startup policy, which led to the development and current implementation of the state’s Student Startup &Innovation Policy (SSIP) of the state of Gujarat. In the last five years Gujarat University came up with 300+ Ideas Consulted, 65+ Startups Incubated, 25+ Ideas Commercialised, 20+ Product Startups,127 Jobs Created Inr, 2.3Cr Revenue generation.

Gujarat University hoping that this policy shall also serve as a benchmark and model for other universities around the country to take inspiration from. Gujarat University further takes this opportunity to invite our students and faculty, as well as all other prospective beneficiaries of this policy not belonging to the University ecosystem, to take full benefits of this policy as well as provide us with necessary feedback for us to keep updating our policies as per the requirement of the beneficiaries.

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