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The Department of Zoology at University School of Sciences, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad was started in 1964 with humble beginnings and today, it is at the forefront as one of the leading teaching and research centres in the country and abroad. This has been largely due to the efforts and dedication of a devoted band of teachers, researchers, and students as well as the timely and appropriate financial backing of various National and International, Government and Non-Government Agencies viz., UGC, ICMR, DST, WHO, CSIR, GSBTM, GUJCOST, Lady Tata Memorial Trust, Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, Jai Research Foundation, GEER Foundation, INTAS Pharmaceuticals, Nirma Industries etc. The various research activities of the Department are highlighted, some of them being unique and the only one of their kind in the whole of the country in a University Department. 

The Department of Zoology, Biomedical Technology, Human Genetics and Wildlife Biology & Conservation has grown and diversified in its research and teaching, keeping in mind these key Mission goals, concurrent with the University motto "યોગઃ કર્મસુ કૌશલમ" (i.e., More work and intelligent work alone leads to efficiency and progress).

  1. To provide quality education, imparting information with clarity in basic concepts, command over current developments and awareness of the practical applications of such knowledge.
  2. To mould students with a firm foundation to be future-ready for a career in Zoology and related fields.
  3. To focus on developing the practical skills and laboratory expertise of students, shaping their future to meet requirements in Industry, Research Institutions, Academics or as Start-up entrepreneurs.
  4. To encourage students to question and sharpen their curiosity to develop an innovative frame of thinking, with novel ideas for research and investigation.  
  5. To emphasize on the all-round development of a student with the aim to produce good intellectuals with leadership and sportsmanship qualities.
  6. To inculcate the finer qualities of social sensitivity and environmental awareness, participating in out-reach programs, as moral, socially, and culturally responsible citizens.
  7. To bring out the best in every student, helping them to recognize their potential, build on their strengths and achieve their career goals.
The Department of Zoology, Biomedical technology, Human Genetics and Wildlife Biology & Conservation envisions creating an ideal, enriched, diverse and student-friendly study environment, which would impact the student with the knowledge, practical skill and motivation to succeed academically, face challenges and pursue their career goals.

This Department aims at the all-round holistic development of a student and therefore encourages each student from the first semester itself, to carry out small innovation based projects, designed by the student’s own thought process. Students are also motivated to join summer training programmes and workshops to sharpen their practical/technical skills in preparation for their IVth Semester Dissertation, as well as to inculcate a research-oriented frame of mind required for pursuing Doctoral Research.


Students of Semester-4 are motivated to design small projects and learn through experimentation.  In addition, as part of the curriculum, students are then encouraged  to carry out their Dissertation Research at independent/Govt/Private Laboratories, Industrial Units, Pharmaceutical Companies, National Institutes (such as NIOH, NDDB, CEE, GEER Foundation) or Research Institutes within/outside Gujarat State. Students are therefore acclimatized to the Industrial Research work environments. This helps to develop their thinking and analytical skills, and gives the student hands-on experience with the state of the art technologies rather than confine themselves to lab work which they have already learnt in the earlier semesters.

Unique Practices

The Department of Zoology, owing to the expertise and facilities in Cytogenetic and Molecular Analysis, has within its infrastructure a Clinic Facility for the investigation of Human Molecular Disorders and Genetic Syndromes. This unique Clinic Facility is housed in a satellite building adjacent to the Department of Zoology and has the entire basic infrastructure for preliminary examination and history recording of patients, sample collection, Cytogenetic and Molecular analysis. All investigations are carried out in collaboration with visiting Medical Professionals viz. Gynaecologist, Paediatrician, Radiologist and Pathologist. Patients with gene related disorders, chromosomal anomalies, molecular and in-born errors have been referred from Doctors and Hospitals of Gujarat and the neighbouring States. Molecular, Cytogenetic, Endocrine and Biochemical analysis are carried out, with supportive Genetic Counselling to each patient, gratis or at a nominal cost. Reports are despatched to the patients and to their respective clinicians, with the idea of developing an interactive exchange of information between the Medical Practioner/Doctor and the basic Scientist/Geneticist. This helps to further the knowledge database in these rare Genetic disorders, as well as provide suggestions for management and therapy in certain cases. This unique clinic facility is also a vital teaching tool, where our PG and Research students obtain first-hand observational exposure to Genetic/ Molecular disorders


Developing E-content and Audio Visual Aids in collaboration with Educational Multi-Media Research Centre (EMMRC) Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.

Over 300 online Nation-wide educational programmes have been developed by the Staff of this Department. These online programmes cover the entire UG & PG syllabus in Zoology on a countrywide basis. The MOOC (UGC) Programmes in Animal Diversity recently developed, not only provides an in-depth understanding on the topic but also has the flexibility of an interactive discourse with the online learner and holds regular online examinations, with assignments and is Online Certificate Course.

The Department has a unique Story of Life Museum, where a student can enjoy an interactive study of the theories and developments in Evolution through dynamic models, dioramas and explanatory figurines.

Innovative Practices

  1. A novel “Beyond the Classroom” approach has been developed to enhance a student’s interest in the subject and simultaneously inculcate ethics and sensitivity in the student. Certain fun-based extra-curricular activities are arranged which are planned and organized by students themselves. For example students of this department planned and organized a programme and invited differently-abled school students from a Trust School to our Department. The day was spent with games, videos, treats organized for these children, most of whom had cerebral palsy.
  2. In turn the special guests performed a skit, and a day of infotainment was enjoyed by all which helped our students identify clinical manifestations in such cases and also develop sensitivity to the differently abled child. Our students have joined a group to enhance the quality of life of Down syndrome cases. At regular intervals of time the Department arranges for Campus clean-up programmes, Nature Excursions, Behavioural, Observational, survey-based studies. With such direct interaction, students become more aware, proactive and a sense of conservation and caring develops in our students. Since they are Zoologists our students are given the opportunity to care, handle and learn conservation strategies for animals in nature and in the wild e.g. Python Workshop, Sighting birds at Thol lake.
  3. Similarly, the creative instinct of students is triggered through poster competitions, essays, elocutions, quiz competitions based on topics related to the syllabus. Hence with an interactive fun-based approach students are motivated to be proactive in the learning process. Often students are encouraged to generate such quiz programmes themselves.
  4. The Department also involves students in Environmental Programs being a part and active member of the ECOCLUB, Regular environment-based programs are conducted.

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