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About Center for Indic Studies

The School of International Studies (SIS) at Gujarat University is set up to conduct advanced programs in multidisciplinary subjects through its various departments like the Center for Indic Studies, Diaspora and Migration Research Centre, Center for International Relations and others. Centre of Indic Studies, Bharat Shodh Sansthan (BSS) aims to imagine a better future rooted in ancient Bharatiya wisdom. To facilitate study and research of all subjects through the lenses of Indian Philosophy; including, Indology, languages, literature, history, dharma, religion, sociology, astronomy, astrology, polity, arts, economy, archaeology, medicine, and all others which form a part of the cultural heritage of India. Also, to collaborate with centers across the world projecting Indian sculpture, architecture, education, dharma, culture, ethnic groups, natives, manuscripts, archives, and centers of research, to produce authentic research material which enables future India to excel in the application of Indic Knowledge System in contemporary time and becomes a source of wisdom.


To propel Indigenous research on Bhāratiya Knowledge System.


  • To conduct activities that can lead to Indigenous Research Projects on Indian Knowledge System so that sustainable progeny of Indian Civilization can be establish
  • It is very important to retain our glorious ancient past which reverberates Indian Philosophy, Indian thought process and our knowledge systems. The center is a guiding source for Students to help to identify themselves with their roots through various courses and workshops related to Indic Knowledge System. Courses offered by Center for Indic Studies are

Why I should join?

  • Positive Perception Building
  • Increase subject awareness & self esteem
  • Improve quality of Life & Life Style
  • New Career Opportunities
  • Creates Professional Opportunities as per NEP 2020
  • Open doors for research opportunities
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding about knowledge


Certificate Course in Indic Knowledge Tradition (सर्टिफिकेट कोर्स: भारतीय ज्ञान परम्परा)

भारतीय वैज्ञानिक और प्रौद्योगिकी विरासत की झलक पाइए, जानिए भारतीय ज्ञान परंपरा की समग्रता के बारे मे
Get a glimpse of Indian scientific and technological heritage, know about the totality of Indic Knowledge & Tradition

Diploma in Indic Manuscriptology (डिप्लोमा कोर्स: भारतीय लेखन विद्या)

विभिन्न प्रकार की भारतीय लिपियों, उनकी उत्पत्ति, उनके लिए उपयोग की जाने वाली सामग्री, लेखन शैली आदि के साथ-साथ कैटलॉगिंग, स्क्रिबल टिप्पणियों और पांडुलिपि पुस्तकालयों से परिचित हो जाइए, जानिए भारतीय लेखन विद्या के बारे मे
Get acquainted with the different types of Indian scripts, their origin, materials used for them, writing styles, etc. as well as cataloging, scribble notes and manuscript libraries, know about Indic Manuscriptology

Diploma in Indic Paleography (डिप्लोमा कोर्स: भारतीय पुरालिपि विज्ञान)

प्राचीन लिपियों, उनकी उत्पत्ति, लेखन की शैली, उनकी रक्षा प्रणाली और उनके लिए उपयोग की जाने वाली सामग्रियों से परिचित हो जाइए, जानिए भारतीय पुरालिपि विज्ञान के बारे मे
Get acquainted with the ancient scripts, their origin, style of writing, their preservation techniques and the materials used for them, know about Indic Paleography

Diploma in Indic Education System (डिप्लोमा कोर्स: भारतीय शिक्षण प्रणाली)

प्राचीन शिक्षण प्रणाली प्रक्रिया यानि जीवन की पूर्णता के लिए प्रशिक्षण और जीवन की चुनौतियों को सकारात्मकता से दूर करने के लिए चरित्र निर्माण| जानिए भारतीय शिक्षण प्रणाली के बारे मे
Ancient learning system process - training for the fulfillment of life and character building to overcome the challenges of life with positivity. Know about Indic Education System

Diploma in Indic Philosophy (डिप्लोमा कोर्स: भारतीय दर्शन)

भारतीय संस्कृति और इतिहास की समझ विकसित करे, जीवन और प्रकृति के रहस्यों को जानने और समझे, जानिए भारतीय दर्शन के बारे मे
Develop an understanding of Indian culture and history, know and understand the mysteries of life and nature, know about Indic Philosophy

Certificate in Indian Chronology (सर्टिफिकेट कोर्स: भारतीय कालक्रम)

भारतीय कालक्रम और इतिहासकी घटनाओ की समझ को बढ़ाए, भारतीय इतिहास के कालक्रम को वैज्ञानिक आधार के साथ समझे भारतीय कालक्रम के पाठ्यक्र्म द्वारा
Develop the understanding of Indian chronology and events of history, understand the chronology of Indian history with scientific basis through

Certificate in Vedant (सर्टिफिकेट कोर्स: वेदान्त)

हमारे शास्त्र की शिक्षाओं के साथ-साथ एक पूर्ण जीवन जीने और सर्वोच्च मानव लक्ष्य, मोक्ष को प्राप्त करने के लिए रोडमैप है वेदान्त
Comprehensive overview of the teachings of our Shastra along with a roadmap to live a fulfilling life and attaining the highest human goal, that is Moksha through Vedant

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