Master of Science in Horticulture Science and Garden Management

Program Code



Post Graduate


2 Year

Department name

Department of Botany, Bioinformatics and Climate Change
Semester Sr no CourseCode Course CourseCredit
Sem-1 1 HSGM 401 Horticulture Science 4
Sem-1 2 HSGM 402 Growing Plants 4
Sem-1 3 HSGM 403 Production Technology: Fruits And Vegetables 4
Sem-1 4 HSGM 404 Production Technology:Plantation Crops And Spices 4
Sem-1 5 HSGM 405 Practical – 1 4
Sem-1 6 HSGM 406 Practical - 2 4
Sem-2 1 HSGM 407 Ornamental Horticulture 4
Sem-2 2 HSGM 408 Green House Technology 4
Sem-2 3 HSGM 409 Floriculture 4
Sem-2 4 HSGM 410 Plant Protection 4
Sem-2 5 HSGM 411 Practical – 3 4
Sem-2 6 HSGM 412 Practical – 4 4
Sem-3 1 HSGM 501 Post Harvest Management 4
Sem-3 2 HSGM 502 Nursery Management 4
Sem-3 3 HSGM 503 Hortimanagement 4
Sem-3 4 HSGM 504 Advances In Horticultural Practices 4
Sem-3 5 HSGM 505 Practical – 5 4
Sem-3 6 HSGM 506 Practical – 6 4
Sem-4 1 HSGM 507 Dissertation [Project] Strategic Planning 20
Sem-4 2 HSGM 508 ASSIGNMENT (Documentation) 2
Sem-4 3 HSGM 509 REVIEW WRITING (Recent Development) 2
Eligibility Criteria
  • PO1: Application of Knowledge in designing vertical gardens and sustainable gardens.
  • PO2: Career options and enterprenuership.
  • PO3: Knowledge upgradation for better urban landscape.
  • PSO1: Application for better living: knowledge of various plant groups and their growth, development and reproduction specially with reference to garden plants. There is a growing demand of trained personnel who can guide urban architect towards innovative garden types like vertical gardens and green buildings. It also includes post-harvest handling of horticultural produce and its value addition.
  • PSO2: Career in science: Many students become entrepreneurs and / or consultants. The programme is so designed that wherever the student goes his basic expertise in horticultural science should earn him a decent living.
  • PSO3: Challenges and Opportunities: A very significant component of the programme is that it is basically applied aspects of Botany and thus is the basis for various diverse fields of study like landscaping, organic farming, bonsai, ikebana, food preservation, food technology, herbal medicines, economically important plant products and their value addition etc.
  • PSO4: Ethics and research: The Masters in Horticulture Science and Garden Management Programme will address the increasing need for skilled scientific manpower with an understanding of research ethics involving plants and contribute to application, advancement, and impartment of knowledge in the field of horticultural science globally.
  • PSO5: Skill upgradation: The laboratory training in addition to theory is included to prepare them for careers in the industry, agriculture, and applied research where horticulture science is increasingly employed. Basics and current updates in the areas of Horticultural science are included to train the students and also sensitize them for research.
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